TrueRoots is an association and creation organization established by a gathering of understudies and graduated class of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Shaped in 2005, the individuals from TrueRoots dedicate themselves to the progression of multifaceted mindfulness by means of the coordinated effort of different personalities and media endeavoring to encourage a comprehension of social character in worldwide society. Its individuals work in fields fluctuating from film and sound generation to news coverage, advertising, non-benefit and universal relations.

TrueRoots' latest narrative generation, 'Tunes from the Little Road', concentrates on the people workmanship and society of the Indian condition of West Bengal. The lives, techniques, and estimations of the patuas, or parchment painters, indigenous to the region are investigated as they adjust to the developing media business sector of West Bengal. Notwithstanding flying out to West Bengal to live with the patuas, TrueRoots has held pledge drives to bolster the continuation of the fine art.

TrueRoots likewise delivers music recordings for neighborhood Boston performers.

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TrueRoots Brewing Company

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